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Would you like to try living away from home yet want to keep your family actively involved?  If you are an adult with an intellectual and/or developmental disability and have some independent living skills read on!


What is Transition House?

Transition House (TH) is a five bedroom house in Central Point built with grant funds from Housing and Urban Development, leased to The Arc Jackson County through Housing Authority of Jackson County. The basic program involves four individuals with developmental disabilities living in the five bedroom house with a paid assistant.

What is the purpose of Transition House?

The purpose of TH is to give individuals with an intellectual and/or developmental disability an opportunity to live semi-independently while learning the life skills needed to transition into more independent living.

What is the difference between Transition House and foster care or a group home?

The Arc believes and recognizes that family ties are often the primary source of social support. Transitioning to a safe and healthy independence can and should incorporate those natural ties. Unlike traditional residential service TH demonstrates that  families can retain an active role in the support of adults with disabilities as they transition out of the family home.

What assistance does the Transition House Assistant provide?

The assistant is available onTransition House Residentse-hour and 15 minutes in the morning and evening, Monday through Sunday with the exception of every other weekend. (The pay is covered by a portion of your monthly rent.) During these hours the assistant assists with scheduling, coordinating, and guiding activities and routine household tasks. The assistant is also responsible for assisting with decision making skills, conflict resolution, and modeling appropriate social interaction in communal living.

Twenty hours a month for individual assistance with meal planning, budgeting, shopping, skills training, community inclusion, medication management, emergency assistance, and personal care needs by the assistant. You may pay for using private funds and/or state and federal funding.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Individuals must have a developmental disability attributed to intellectual and/or physical impairment. Must meet income requirements established by HAJC currently $19,250 (as of 2012).

What criteria must the individual meet?

All individuals must be able to remain home alone; identify and respond to emergencies and get help; respond to a stranger at the door with discretion; be able to provide own basic nutrition/hydration; have no history of intimidation, coercion, harassment, assault or major property destruction, in the past two years; and be ambulatory and depart unassisted from a building within a reasonable period of time when warned by signal device.

What is the cost?

$485 per month (rent and utilities, and a portion of the assistant’s pay). Food, and household/personal care items are not included. An additional $200 per month for food and household items is required—food stamps are acceptable. There is a $250 refundable security deposit.

How do I move in?

The following steps will initiate the process:

1. Call The Arc at 541-779-4520 and ask for the Transition House Packet.  The packet contains:

  • Screening & Evaluation Tool to assess the individual’s current level of independence
  • Transition House policies

2. Read the policies and complete the Evaluation Tool.  Return the Screening & Evaluation Tool to The Arc office.  The Arc staff will give you contact information for the Transition House Assistant, who will arrange for you to visit the home.

3. Contact the Housing Authority of Jackson County for a determination of income eligibility.

4. Once you have been accepted, you will complete The Arc’s Rental Agreement and schedule a move-in date.


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