Live to Dance Voting 2017


You can help The Arc Jackson County raise money to improve the quality of life for people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities by voting for your favorite dancing couples and/or teams. The voting will continue until the evening of the event, Saturday, March 4th, 2017. The Arc Stars, along with their dance partners, will be competing for various awards including the People's Choice Award for the most money raised via web-based voting and voting the evening of the event.

In addition, since 2014, there has been a lively voting competition between the Medford Police Department, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, and the District Attorney's Office for the Civil Servants Braggin' Rights Roving Trophy Award. After two years of the Medford Police Department winning the trophy, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office claimed the bragging rights by winning in 2016! The trophy has resided at Sheriff's Office for the past year. Civil servants include: District Attorney's Office Ginger Greer, Alyssa Claseman, Laura Cromwell, Zori Cook, and Melissa LeRitz; Officer Ericka Doran, Medford Police Department; and Lisa Partridge, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Vote now with a $5 donation for EACH VOTE. For EVERY VOTE you cast, you will receive a GIFT CARD from The Human Bean for a 12 oz. drink of your choosing (your card(s) will be sent by US Mail)! Vote for as many dancers as you like, and vote as many times as you like. The more money raised from the voting, the more services The Arc Jackson County will be able to provide for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.Thank you!

$5.00 donation per vote - Voting tabulated each morning.

Please be sure to enter your address into PayPal so that we can send you your tax reciept and Human Bean Gift Cards.


View heartwarming stories featuring our The Arc Stars on KOBI-TV NBC5!


Allison Pfeifer and Rick Clark


Dance Instructor:  Darcy Dodge


Allison Pfeifer

Allison was born in Tigard, Oregon, moved with her family to Bend then lastly moved to Medford in 2007. She graduated from North Medford High School in 2011, and completed the Transition program at Central in 2014. Allison currently works at Science Works in Ashland, and assists at her family’s furniture store. She loves to spend her free time on the computer on Facebook, YouTube and more. She loves to make stencil bookmarks, and sells them at her family business. She also enjoys spending time with her friends at Special Olympics, and at Dreamz Work Rec. Club. She is a big fan of Oregon State football and the Medford Rogues baseball teams. She is a frequent cruiser and enjoys spending time on a beach with a fruity drink with an umbrella in it!


RICK-2017Rick Clark

Rick Clark is a graduate from the University of Oregon moving to the Rogue Valley from Portland in 1989. He and wife Molly raised their two children, Julia and Phillip, here and now enjoy an expanded family of five grandchildren. Rick started a wood products business in 1992 and now has five production facilities in Washington and Oregon. He is a Rotarian and enjoys flying, sailing, the guitar, and travel.

Dari Read, Connie & Max Eaton, Kale & Collin Feeley,
and Megan Dobson

Production Number: Tribute to Star Wars & Carrie Fischer

Dance Instructor: Megan Dobson

DAI-2017Dari Read

Dari Read is a 9-year old boy who loves basketball, fans, vacuum cleaners, fire engines, school, music and dancing! He also enjoys riding his tricycle, playing with friends, throwing sticks in the creek, and going to Science Works. Dari has the love gene and is a wonderful little boy. He has overcome many obstacles over the last seven years, thanks to all of the wonderful therapists and caregivers that have been an influence in his life.



Connie Eaton

Hello Everyone, This is Connie Eaton. I am momma to the one and only my Little Mister Max and I speak Maxanese. (He's the dark brown haired one standing in front of me.) During the day I have an amazing career at KOBI TVNBC 5 where I am the General Sales Manager. In my spare time I am a Volunteer, Facilitator and Board Member at The Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County and I am a child advocate. A few of my favorite things are Reading, Music, Photography, Camping and Children. My Little Mister is in kindergarten at Kids Unlimited Academy. He loves music, playing outdoors and camping. We both enjoy spending time with one another and Live to Dance with The Arc Stars in one more way that we can spend extra one-on-one time together. We also enjoy spending time with friends and we invited a couple of them to join us in our dance this year. Meet Kale and Collin Feeley. We look forward to spending time with Dari, our The Arc Star and having fun along the way. Enjoy the show


Megan Dobson

Megan Dobson is Junior at St. Mary's high school and is 16 years old. Her main passions are dancing and singing. When she's not doing any of those things she is smiling and helping others! She enjoys working with her two The Arc Stars and cannot wait for the audience to be amazed!

Glenda VanOrtwick, Holly Olsen, Dr. Diane Powell, Abigail Bohn, and Abby Kirkpatrick

Party Rock

Dance Instructor:  Abigail Bohn and Abby Kirkpatrick

GLENDA-2017Glenda VanOrtwick

I’m Glenda VanOrtwick. I was born in Jackson County and had lived there until 1996 when I moved to Coos Bay, Oregon. After graduating high school, I moved back to Jackson County. I now live at Lithia Place, with my roommate Holly, where we get help with things like medical appointments, financial budgeting, and shopping. Some more things about me I would love to share is that I am on the Autism spectrum. I enjoy riding horses at Hope Equestrian Center and participating in Special Olympics’ bowling, cross country skiing, and bocce ball. In my free time, I like to draw and do crafts. I’m looking forward to dancing with my roommate Holly, Dr. Diane Powell, and the dance instructors. This is going to be so fun!


HOLLY-2017Holly Olson

I’m Holly Olson. I’m 50 years old and this is my first time dancing in Live to Dance with The Arc Stars. I was born in Ashland, OR and have lived in Jackson County all my life. I love learning about different cultures, especially the Native American culture. I also love drawing with stencils. I’m really good at sign language. I’m looking forward to dancing at Live to Dance with The Arc Stars event.

DIANE-2017Dr. Diane Powell

Dr. Diane Powell was born in Ohio and trained in medicine at Johns Hopkins, where she completed her training as a neuropsychiatrist. She has been a practice in Medford for 12 years and is an internationally recognized expert on autism and PTSD. She is an advocate for special needs children and our veterans. She loves dancing, fashion, interior design and any critter with four legs.

ABIGAIL-2017Abigail Bohn

Abigail Bohn is 13 years old and is an Honor Roll student at Scenic Middle School. Abigail has been dancing for eight years and is a proud member of the Fusion Force Dance Team. She has competed with the team all over the West Coast and has earned top awards and scholarships. Abigail is a teacher’s assistant and also trains many hours per week at Fusion Dance Academy in tap, ballet, pointe, jazz, hip hop, acro, and her favorite, contemporary. She loves ketchup, anything Disney, and organizing everything in rainbow order. Abigail enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She and her dancing partner, Abby, are looking forward to watching the friendly competition for the civil servants “Braggin’ Rights” trophy since her dad is a Detective with the Jackson County Sheriff Department. She is excited to share the art of dance through The Arc!

ABBY-2017Abby Kirkpatrick

Abby Kirkpatrick is 13 years old and attends St. Mary’s School where she is part of the cross-county, track & field, and brain bowl teams. Abby has been dancing for 10 years and loves to compete as part of the Fusion Force Dance Team. Abby is a teacher’s assistant and trains many hours each week at Fusion Dance Academy in tap, ballet, pointe, hip hop, contemporary, and her favorites, acro and jazz. She loves reading, watermelon, Pinterest crafting, and watching 90’s movies. Abby and her dancing partner, Abigail, are looking forward to watching the friendly competition for the civil servants “Braggin’ Rights” trophy since her dad is a Sergeant with the Medford Police Department. She is thankful for the opportunity to use her creativity and love of dance to help The Arc!

Amber Hervey, Kelly Henson, and Lisa Partridge (Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)

Hip Hop

Dance Instructor: Kylee Ruvalcaba

AMBER-2017Amber Hervey

Hi, my name is Amber Hervey. I love living in my small town of Shady Cove, Oregon. I like to go on picnics by the river and I love to fish on the Rogue River. I love animals and my job working with them. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I have been a part of my foster home family for almost 10 years now! I love to listen to music, sing, and dance. I’m very excited about participating in Live to Dance with The Arc Stars!


KELLY-2017Kelly Henson

Kelly is a past The Arc Star dancer and was a Judge for our event in 2015. He’s 37 years old and graduated from Phoenix High School. He was a ‘miracle baby’ having been born weighing only 3 pounds 8 ounces. He says ‘growing up was a pain’, but he made it! Now he’s happy to be where he is with a lot of beautiful friends supporting him. His favorite quotation is, “You start from the bottom and work your way to the top.” His favorite hobby is weather spotting. If you want to know what to expect with the weather, just ask him!

LISA-2017Lisa Partridge

Lisa, originally from California, moved with her family to the Rogue Valley in 1994. In 1999, she graduated from North Medford High School. Lisa began her career with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in 2010, working in criminal records in the Jail…and yes…in rare moments, dances and belts out a tune or two around the office. “Working in the jail can be stressful, but it’s important to not take everything so seriously and be able to laugh. If acting like a goofball is what it takes…then I’ll do it.” When the opportunity presented itself to dance and have fun for a good cause, Lisa was willing and eager. She enjoys dancing, spending time with family and friends, and on occasion, taking time for herself going on hikes and adventures with her dog Laila!

Josh Hansen and Ericka Doran (Medford Police Department)


Dance Choreographer: Cori Grimm
Dance Instructor: Colette Kuhl

JOSH-2017Joshua Hansen

Hi, my name is Joshua Hansen. I was born right here in Oregon and lived here all my life. I am 32 years old. I love music, dancing, singing, movies, and hanging around with my brothers. I live on a horse ranch with my family in Ashland and I am my mom’s right hand man. I help her with lots of stuff, even the horses, and that makes my mom happy. I like everyone to be happy! I just got a new part-time job and I’m excited to get my first paycheck from there soon. I will still help my mom. I am in the Special Olympics and have been since I was 8 years old. Right now I am on the cross-country ski team. My grandma always goes with me to the events and she is everyone’s helper when she goes with me. She is by best friend forever.


ERICKA-2017Ericka Doran

Ericka Doran has worked for the City of Medford for almost ten years. She started out as a 911 Dispatcher before joining the Medford Police Department. Ericka has been a patrol officer for 7 years and loves it. She is a Drug Recognition Expert, Field Training Officer, and an EVOC instructor. She also runs the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run for our area. Ericka has an amazing four year old son, Austin. In her free time she enjoys running, crafting, and, of course, spending time with her son. Ericka is expecting her second child in July. She is looking forward to this upcoming event and hopes she doesn’t look goofy!

Aaron Beers, Stephen Eisenhauer, Jeff Landers,
and Ashlyn Eisenhauer

Hip Hop

Dance Instructor:  Ashlyn Eisenhauer

AARON-2017Aaron Beers

I’m Aaron Beers and I am 15 years old. I love, love, love music! I like mostly Christian Contemporary, but never met a beat I didn’t like!  I’m a freshman at North Medford and love being included in general education there! I have two brothers way older than me - one who lives in Portland and one who lives in Pensacola, Florida. I also have a sister who lives in California. We all went to Disney World for Christmas break this year and it was a blast! I even danced there! I have never participated in a performance but I’ve already had fun learning a dance together with friends! Thank you!!

Votes:   136


Stephen Eisenhauer

Hi, my name is Stephen Eisenhauer. I am a 9th grader at North Medford. I love school, playing soccer, dancing, listening to music and watching movies. This is my second time dancing in Live to Dance with The Arc Stars. I am super excited to be performing with my sister, Ashlyn and best friend, Aaron.



Jeff Landers

Jeff Landers has lived in Jacksonville all of his life. He graduated from North Medford in 1994. He has been in Jackson County Special Olympics since he was 8 years old. He has competed in downhill skiing, bowling, track and field, and bocce ball! He is proud to say he ran at Hayward Field at University of Oregon in track and field. Jeff has won many awards and ribbons. He is also a big fan of the Spaghetti Feed and dance after the ceremony where he has been known to shake a mean rug! Jeff is currently unemployed, but has worked at many locations in Medford including Rogue Regional Medical Center, Southern Oregon Goodwill, and the Southern Oregon Humane Society. Jeff loves to go camping, to the beach, and to spend time with family and friends. He loves his iPad and looking at Facebook. He is said to have a ‘great’ sense of humor and is very social..


Ashlyn Eisenhauer

Hi, my name is Ashlyn Eisenhauer and I am a 9th grader at North Medford. When I was 5 years old, I discovered my passion for dancing and I have many years of experience in dance from Ballet to Ballroom. I decided to dance in the Live to Dance with The Arc Stars event because this would be my first experience teaching dance and I also get to dance with my cool brother, Stephen, and his awesome friends, Aaron and Jeff. My other interests include school, cross county, hanging out with my friends, listening to music, watching TV shows/movies and I love Mexican food!

Elena, Sadie & Jim Norris, and Robin Simpson


Dance Instructor: Robin Simpson

ELENA-2017Elena Norris

Elena Norris is a freshman at Phoenix High who enjoys music and dance. She performed a waltz with her dad, Jim, in the inaugural Live to Dance with the Arc Stars event, winning the “Most Inspirational” award. This year, Elena is excited to perform again with her dad, younger sister Sadie and friend Robin Simpson. Her selection is “Can’t Stop the Feeling’” inspired by the movie “Trolls”.


20170203_141432 5

Sadie Norris

Sadie Norris is an active 4th grader who enjoys creative expression through art, writing and crafts.

20170203_141432 4

Jim Norris

Jim Norris, originally from Athens, Georgia and a graduate of Florida State University, is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Living Opportunities where he assists individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Jim was formerly the General Manager of the Rogue Country Club.


Robin Simpson

Robin Simpson is a real estate professional. She made her decision to enter the field of real estate after 15 years of teaching middle school that evolved from her life-long love of houses, decorating, and her desire to be a part of a business that helps people achieve their goals. It was a natural transition from helping students succeed to helping families, couples and individuals make dreams come true. Enthusiasm and a zest for life are two of the driving forces behind Robin’s real estate practice – and her life. She describes herself as a happy and fortunate person, and she brings that positive attitude to everything she undertakes. She has performed in numerous dance competitions over the years.

Jessica Ross, Ginger Greer, Alyssa Claseman, Laura Cromwell, Zori Cook, and Melissa LeRitz (Jackson County District Attorney’s Office)

Hip Hop

Dance Instructor: Hillary Daves

JESSICA-2017Jessica Ross

Hi, my name is Jessica Ross. I’m 24 and I have lived in Medford, Oregon my whole life. I have worked at the Rogue Valley Manor for two years as a server and I volunteer at The Arc Thrift Store. I’m an outgoing and caring person. I have danced in Live to Dance with The Arc Stars several times and have served as a Judge for the event. I love dancing!!!


GINGER-2017Ginger Greer

Ginger Greer currently serves as a Deputy District Attorney for Jackson County. Ginger has lived in Medford for 12 years with her husband, Adam. She is the mother of an amazing daughter who attends kindergarten at Sacred Heart Catholic School. Besides her family and work, Ginger likes to spend time outdoors, gardening, swimming and generally enjoying all that Southern Oregon has to offer. She is proud to be involved in this year’s Live to Dance with The Arc Stars event.

ALYSSA-2017Alyssa Claseman

Alyssa Claseman currently serves as a Deputy District Attorney for Jackson County. She and her husband James moved to the Valley from Florida two years ago. They have two charming dogs, Millie and Landon. In her free time she enjoys hiking, visiting wineries, and traveling. Her free time has not included dancing in the past but she is excited to add it to the list!

LAURA-2017Laura Cromwell

Laura Cromwell is a Senior Deputy District Attorney at the Jackson County DA’s office, originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Laura is married to Mark Cromwell, a Detective with the Medford Police Department (AND winner of the Live to Dance civil servants “Braggin’ Rights” trophy in 2014. Ahem…) Laura has three wonderful step-daughters: McKenna, Marlena and Madara who she will try not to embarrass too badly with her dancing. She also loves to play volleyball and basketball, and do crafts with her family on her off time.

ZORI-2017Zori Cook

Zori Cook works at the Jackson County District Attorney’s office where she prosecutes cases involving child abuse. When she is not working she loves to be outside. Whether hiking, biking, playing softball, or just wandering around, if the sun is shining odds are high she’ll be outdoors. When she is stuck inside, Zori enjoys knitting, painting, and board games with friends.

melissa leMelissa LeRitz

Melissa LeRitz works as a Deputy District Attorney for Jackson County. She moved from the Dallas, Texas area to Portland, Oregon to attend law school. After graduating in 2015, Melissa landed in the Rogue Valley and has lived here ever since. Melissa enjoys traveling, hiking, and kayaking. Melissa was captain of her high school dance team and recently returned to Taekwondo classes to finish training for her black belt.

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